Life Reimagined is an idea from AARP

We are dedicated to helping people reimagine their lives.

Life Reimagined is a vision, a methodology, and a community that helps people rediscover what truly matters and focus on what they really want to do.

Industry leading experts in the fields of well-being, relationships and work provided the thought leadership and program development that guides and fuels the Life Reimagined experience.

Our Vision

To provide a place, online and offline, where all people are empowered to define and shape their lives, and to find happiness and purpose.

Breakthrough Agenda

  • Experts reaching beyond the Ivory Tower to help turn dreams into reality
  • Next generation online programs
  • Local events, workshops, and experiences
  • National summits / conferences for experts
  • Data insights and market intelligence


  • Seamlessly blending rapid prototyping and fast-paced development
  • Introducing breakthrough programs and experiences into the world
  • Helping people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities
  • Developing breakthrough digital/mobile tools and apps

Collective Creativity

  • Changing the world for this and future generations
  • Health care companies seeking new wellness services
  • Higher education institutions developing new courses
  • Digital content providers innovating new online tools
  • Organizations at the forefront of transforming people's lives