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4 Ways To Shorten Your Job Search

Get your skills up-to-date with temp work, part-time work or by volunteering or going back to school.


by AARP Foundation

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If your job search is taking longer than expected, look for ways to stay connected to the workplace and get new skills. Consider volunteering, temp or part-time work.  Also, think about going back to school or connecting with organizations who find job candidates for employers.

Consider going back to school to learn something new

There are over 1,000 community colleges around the country providing local training classes for typically far lower costs and less rigorous entrance requirements than a four-year college. They tend to have smaller campuses and smaller class sizes with schedules that accommodate full-time professionals, parents or other individuals who need to attend school in the evenings or on the weekends.

Build your skills and your résumé with volunteering

Consider volunteering, where you’ll learn something new and keep busy. Maybe you want to explore a new field of interest or observe a person who has the job you might like. You can include your volunteer work on your résumé. Volunteering is helpful in masking gaps in your work history.

AARP’s Create the Good  website has lots of volunteer opportunities that you can do for five minutes, five hours or five days. You decide.

AmeriCorps  helps interested volunteers by offering opportunities to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups.  Most AmeriCorps members receive modest compensation and an education award.

        To make sure your next step is the right step, go to Lifemap