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Make Your Office A Place You Want To Work

Adding the right colors and meaningful personal touches could make you like your job a little bit more


by Kara Baskin

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So your office is a gray fluorescent hideout that needs help. Do you need photos? Sculpture? Exotic plants? You’re not sure where to turn, but you want peace at work—and you need it now. Creating a space that pleases you, whether yours is a home office or a corporate cubicle, can go a long way to lifting your mood during all those hours you spend at work. Interior designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson Interior Designs is here to help. Here are her eight easy secrets to put the “ahh!” in office.

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1. Put a beautiful patterned rug, like an oushak, under your desk area to add color and comfort. The handsome motifs can be conversation starters and will identify you as appreciative of global cultures.  

2. Desk lamp or floor lamp lighting is easier on the eyes, and atmospheric light adds a feeling of elegant, rather than the harshness of overhead fluorescents.

3. Accessorize your desk. Painted ceramic cups to hold your pens, sculptural pottery as decorative pieces, platters for daily mail and even a fun plate dryer for your files. Be creative. (And don't forget a few framed pictures of loved ones.)

4. Plants are calming and bring a touch of the outdoors into a utilitarian space. No worries if you lack a green thumb: A tray of succulents requires hardly any upkeep. 

5. Comfort is key to sustaining a long workday. I ask my employees to choose their own office chairs. Some prefer caned seats; others like chairs with down cushions. If the choice is yours, you can bring in some pattern, color and texture with an upholstered chair.

6. Move your desk so that you don't face the wallFeng shui suggests facing the door, so no bad spirits (or naughty coworkers!) can sneak up on you.

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7. Do you have room in your office for a seating area? If so, get a small comfy sofa or two comfy armchairs and accent with pillows in colors and patterns you love. 

8. Last but not least: walls! If you can paint, choose a calming nature tone like the blue of the ocean or green of the grass. A color that inspires calmness is always the way to go.  


Photo Credit: Chang Szeling/Gallerystock