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How To: Make Space for Reflection

Follow these easy prompts to create space in your life to sit quietly and think.

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Reflecting allows you to quietly observe your own life. It’s about slowing down to review your thoughts and actions; considering what you’ve done and will do. Find a quiet space where you can be alone to contemplate your past, present and future. When you spend time in reflection you’ll start seeing your choices more clearly and be able to face the day with a fresher outlook.

When’s the last time I slowed down? Where can I fit reflection into my schedule?

1. Add introspection to a habit Try tacking on 10 minutes of reflection to something you already do automatically. Maybe it’s after coffee or in the shower. Use the time to do a personal inventory. Ask yourself, "How am I feeling? What do I want to achieve today?" Even short bursts of reflection can make a difference in your outlook.

2. Go on a reflection getaway Spur of the moment or planned, stepping away from your routine helps. You might drive to a new place for a long walk. Or attend a nearby mindfulness or meditation seminar. Whatever you choose, protect the time from distractions — turn off your cell phone and distance yourself from the daily grind.

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3. Simplify your surroundings Clutter is the enemy of reflection. Just the act of tidying your environment can help you think more clearly. But when you freshen up your bedroom or office don’t forget to leave behind some photos or magazines for inspiration. Also, it’s good to keep a journal on hand or post-its to jot down your thoughts.

Ask Yourself When’s the last time I slowed down? Where can I fit reflection into my schedule? What questions have I been craving more time to think through? What people, places and things put me in a reflective mood?