Make your next step the right step.

Life Reimagined helps you to design the path that’s right for you. With valuable resources at your fingertips, you’ll set meaningful, attainable goals, and take the simple steps to reach them.

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Rediscover what matters.

Explore what’s in the cards for you

Get started with our fun, visual card sorting exercises. You’ll use them to uncover what matters to you most, combining your greatest gifts, passions and desires.

Create your purpose statement

Based on your card sorting exercises, you’ll create an exciting and unique purpose statement about the meaningful impact you want to have. It’s the basis for every goal you set.

View your LifeMap for inspiration

Your customized LifeMap brings your purpose statement to life with images and quotes. Print it out and use it daily, for added inspiration along the way.

Create Your Purpose Statement

Guidance on your terms. And your budget.

Life Reimagined’s comprehensive, proven methodology helps you design a plan with a purpose. With Life Reimagined, you can:

  • Build individual goals and create the attainable steps to help you reach them.

  • Seek motivation and fuel inspiration.

  • Provoke new ideas and enrich your plan with the help of our e-Book, ongoing articles and videos.

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What makes our methodology unique?

What makes our methodology unique?

Life Reimagined involves six practices that guide you through life transitions. Think of it as a personalized guidance system. Start where you are in your life, and see where the possibilities lead you. Life Reimagined is a vision, a methodology and a community that helps people rediscover what truly matters and focus on what they really want to do. Our methodology was created by world-class experts at the Life Reimagined, where they provided the program development that guides and fuels the Life Reimagined experience. Life Reimagined is an idea from AARP.