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Plan for a Happy Retirement

Feeling unsure of your next steps as retirement nears? Refire your heart, mind, body and soul to get out of your comfort zone, and get excited about whatever’s next. Note: Please complete and review this program on or before September 24th, 2017.*

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*Life Reimagined Account Notification: If you are in process or have completed and saved any activities on Life Reimagined, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review those before September 24th. After September 24th you will no longer have access to this information.




Get ready for exploration

Life’s an adventure when you have something to strive for. But when you no longer have a career path providing that direction, it’s time to find a new route. Retirement planning isn't only about saving up--it's about reawakening your passions.

The steps you'll take

  • Is it time to refire? Take a quiz to find out.
  • Identify what your goals are now
  • Get in touch with gratitude
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Put yourself in learning situations  

By the end of the program...

You’ll feel stronger physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You’ll get out of your comfort zone and approach each day like an opportunity for growth and adventure.

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