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Make Room for Gratitude

Want a surefire route to happiness? When you introduce gratitude into your day, positivity will shine a light on every part of your life. Note: Please complete and review this program on or before September 24th, 2017.*

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*Life Reimagined Account Notification: If you are in process or have completed and saved any activities on Life Reimagined, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review those before September 24th. After September 24th you will no longer have access to this information.



Find ways to be thankful

Experience more gratitude in your life to feel happier and optimistic, boost your immune system, and improve your sleep.


The steps you’ll take

  • Determine how grateful you are with a quiz*
  • Practice gratitude by writing a letter of thanks
  • Celebrate your incremental successes
  • Keep gratitude alive by recording it in a journal


By the end of the program…

You’ll have experienced the positive effects of gratitude, and you’ll have all the tools to make gratitude a habit. Once you feel the effects of being thankful, you won't want to stop.


*Grat-S Assessment- Philip C. Watkins, Kathrane Woodard, Tamara Stone and Russell L. Kolts. Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, USA and the scale, and discussion of its validity, was published in Social Behaviour and Personality, 2003, 31(5), 431-452


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