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Stop Looking For Love

What relationship assumptions are holding you back? If you stop looking for love and start considering what love means to you, you’ll end up opening your heart to greater possibilities. What’s out there waiting for you? Note: Please complete and review this program on or before September 24th, 2017.*

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*Life Reimagined Account Notification: If you are in process or have completed and saved any activities on Life Reimagined, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review those before September 24th. After September 24th you will no longer have access to this information.


Start discovering a life you love

It can be hard to unravel your assumptions around relationships when you're not even sure what they are. Consider what you've been holding onto inyour search for love, and map out the important things in life.

The steps you'll take

  • Do you believe in soulmates? Quiz yourself
  • Consider what's important to you in a mate
  • Strengthen your bond with your community


By the end of the program...

You'll have more awareness about how you approach looking for love - what matters to you and what doesn't. Considering the important things in life will lead you to greater happiness.

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