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Use Self-Control to Achieve Your Goal

Missing deadlines? Feeling overwhelmed? Use these techniques to take control so you can achieve your goals. Note: Please complete and review this program on or before September 24th, 2017.*

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*Life Reimagined Account Notification: If you are in process or have completed and saved any activities on Life Reimagined, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review those before September 24th. After September 24th you will no longer have access to this information.


The secret to success is self-control

If we know what we should do, why is it that we often procrastinate, take on too much, and cause ourselves anxiety? It often comes down to self-control. But luckily self-control is a skill—and it gets easier with practice.


The steps you'll take

  • Find out whehter you have self-control
  • Decide what you will do to achieve your goals
  • Learn about the power of being proactive
  • Create "bright line" strategies to achieve your goal
  • Get a bird's-eye view of goals and commitments


By the end of the program...

You'll have discovered strategies to achieve your goals—from the language you use to what choices you make—and you'll start taking action on the goals that matter most.

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