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Find Your Purpose in Life

Things feeling repetitive and a little boring? You may not be living a purpose-driven life. Unlock your gifts, passions, and values to help you determine what to do in life. Note: Please complete and review this program on or before September 24th, 2017.*

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*Life Reimagined Account Notification: If you are in process or have completed and saved any activities on Life Reimagined, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to review those before September 24th. After September 24th you will no longer have access to this information.



Live a purpose-driven life

Focus on where you excel, what you feel passionate about, what you truly value and how you want to have an impact on the world. This is what will lead you to your purpose, which can guide you throughout your life.


The steps you'll take

  • Discover the gifts you offer the world
  • Zero in on passions you really care about
  • Discover the values that are important to you
  • Create your personal "purpose statement"
  • Set your intention and create your path forward


By the end of the program...

You'll have discovered your purpose by looking at your gifts, passions, and values to create a clear, actionable way to live a meaningful life. 

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